Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Package

Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Package: "Having survived the Great Y2K threat, we are now observing an economy that has become far more globalized than it was in the previous century. The extent of the Internet's contribution is open to debate, but there is no question that the associated information explosion supported the acceleration of market internationalization that we now take for granted. For many of us, the realization of the extent of countries' interdependence was driven home by the recent global economic meltdown. So what does all this have to do with us Web developers? It's a resounding wake up call that we have to think of other nationalities when we develop our websites and applications. In most cases, developing a web app in English alienates much of the world's population and greatly reduces potential profits! With that in mind, this article is the kickoff for a series that discusses the ramifications of globalization on our websites and applications. Today's article will deal with locales and their implementation in the PHP language."