Thursday, February 18, 2010

That 'P' in PHP stands for 'pink': It's Nerd Barbie!

That 'P' in PHP stands for 'pink': It's Nerd Barbie!: "Earlier on Friday, toymaker Mattel announced the results of an online contest to name the profession that the latest edition of Barbie dolls would have, and ultimately two were named: alongside 'News Anchor' was the popular-vote winner, 'Computer Engineer Barbie.' Yes, she has a Bluetooth headset, a pink laptop, a smartphone, and hot-pink glasses. Oh, and she wears sparkly black leggings and a neon green shirt patterned with binary code, the sort of outfit that was probably only acceptable among Burning Man attendees in the late 1990s who liked to talk about 'cyberspace.' Actually, judging by that outfit, a sock puppet would make a great accessory for the new doll."