Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Theme Building: More Than Meets the Eye

Theme Building: More Than Meets the Eye: "A veteran of costume contests, attorney Greg Adler outdid himself with the eight-foot costume of Bumblebee from the movie Transformers that he built to win the $7,500 prize in a contest in Las Vegas last Halloween. Adler constructed a wooden skeleton over a hiking backpack frame to support the torso, and used mailing and carpet tubes on wooden frames for the arms. The head rests on a bike helmet that sits on Adler’s head. To replicate the cinematic Transformer’s blue eyes, he placed the gems from novelty rings and lights wired to a battery pack inside clear spherical Christmas ornaments. Bumblebee’s cannon spins and lights up, thanks to a modified drill rigged to an LED array and switches inside the arm."