Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photoblog: Another offshore wind farm under construction

Photoblog: Another offshore wind farm under construction: "It will be the first of several massive wind farms which are larger than 500MW each (meaning they can produce close to 2 TWh of electricity per year), and a price tag in the EUR 1.5-2 billion range. That price can be split roughly in 3 similar-sized bits, being (i) the turbines, (ii) the marine construction work, including the foundations, and (iii) the rest, including development costs, electrical equipment (high voltage transformer station and cables) and, if relevant, financing costs. The size of the different fractions can vary depending on the distance to shore, water depth, site conditions and regulatory framework (in Germany, for instance, you don't need to build the high voltage export cable as this has to be taken care of by the grid operator)."