Sunday, September 26, 2010

PIC18F2550 PSGrooPic on PS3 Sixaxis Controller Mod

PIC18F2550 PSGrooPic on PS3 Sixaxis Controller Mod: "Yesterday, we posted the news on the Proof of Concept PSGroove ported to PlayStation 3 Sixaxis. Today, hasuky, from ElOtroLado who made the video (seen below), has posted the guide on how to modify your PS3 Sixaxis controller. Some soldering skills will be required. Also, it doesnt seem to be an actual port of the PSGroove. Its seems to be more of installing a PIC inside the PS3 controller and wiring it to the USB port. For the amount of work put into it, I personally prefer to just purchase a USB development kit. Hopefully, he can provide clearer pictures for us to see. Until than, enjoy."