Thursday, December 22, 2011

A DIY UAV That Hacks Wi-Fi Networks, Cracks Passwords, and Poses as a Cell Phone Tower

A #DIY UAV That #Hacks #Wi-Fi Networks, #Cracks #Passwords, and Poses as a #Cell Phone Tower: Last year at the Black Hat and Defcon security conferences in Las Vegas, a former Air Force cyber security contractor and a former Air Force engineering systems consultant displayed their 14-pound, six-foot-long unmanned aerial vehicle, WASP (Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform). Last year it was a work in progress, but next week when they unveil an updated WASP they’ll be showing off a functioning homemade spy drone that can sniff out Wi-Fi networks, autonomously crack passwords, and even eavesdrop on your cell phone calls by posing as a cell tower.