Thursday, November 03, 2011

Why I started to hate Prototype this and started to love Mythbusters even more

I understand there is a movement in the U.S. to push for more kids to go through engineering careers. The idea is quite simple no innovation = no economical growth. The U.S. baby boomers are retiring and are dying (don't blame Harley-Davison for the death of many of them just in case). Although it is a great initiative, it doesn't deal with all the downs around being an engineer, please refer to Dilbert for more on this point.

Anyways, Discovery (the hip hop science channel) brought this new show called Prototype this!. It seemed like a good idea but after an episode I started hating it, these are my observations:

  • Why all the hosts on prototype this! are white Caucasians? Isn't there more room for non so visible minorities? The guy that invented the super soaker was a black dude, so what's the deal? Is this lame smash lab 2.0?
  • Too much overkill. They tried to come with an idea to break free from traffic jams, and they came up with sort kind of arachnid contraption. My question was don't you think other would want to get a hold of something like this? at the end we would get 1000's of car bugs fighting each other.
I am not criticizing the concept of the show but it's implementation. Real inventors or innovators don't have the unlimited budgets to license technologies. Many of them have the junkyard wars approach. Read make magazine and you'll know what I mean.